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A Beginner's Guide to Crystals

Posted by Emily French on March 30, 2018 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Below is a guest blog post I did for my amazing friend, Krystle, over at Pachyderm Music Lab where I will be teaching a workshop on DIY healing bracelets Wednesday evening, April 4th at 7pm. You can sign up at http://www.pachydermmusiclab.com and I wanted to share it here for all to enjoy. Thank you for your support and happy healing!

A Beginner's Guide to Crystals:



How crystals work

Everything in the world is made of energy that emits it's own vibration: plants, animals, humans and yes, you guessed it- crystals. The scientific law of energy states energy cannot be made or destroyed, only transformed. Could it be possible that a crystal's special energy could help transform our own negative energy into positive, healing energy? I certainly believe so! There are thousands of different crystals and each one has it's own energetic vibration. To understand how crystals can work for us, it also helps to understand what the Chakra system is. The Chakra system originated in ancient India and is defined by 7 areas in our body that energy flows through. Starting from our root chakra (1) at the base of our spine and moving all the way up our body through our sacral chakra (2), solar plexus chakra (3), heart chakra (4), throat chakra (5), third eye chakra (6) and finally the crown chakra (7) at the very top of our head. Each energy center, or chakra, represents a different area such as the root chakra for example: the root chakra represents our feelings of stability, security and survival. Some symptoms that our root chakra would have an energetic block would be feelings of financial stress or insecurity, fear of not being safe and so on. When we have a block in one of our chakras, this throws off our entire chakra system and energy does not freely flow. Each crystal relates to a chakra and when we utilize crystal healing properly, we can help heal these blocks over time. Do you have negative feelings to the emotions of love, self care, empathy and sympathy? Maybe you feel like you're closed off to love or dealing with emotional wounds? Your heart chakra is probably blocked and Rose Quartz would greatly assist you in opening up your heart and healing your emotional pain. This is just one example of many on how crystals can work for us.


How to pick the right crystals for you


Crystals tend to pick us, it's truly a beautiful process. I always tell my customers, "If you're attracted to it and you feel drawn to it, it's probably just what you need right now." One of my favorite activities to do at my shows is to have a person look at a collection of assorted crystals and tell them to pick up the first one that calls to them- no hesitation, no waiting- just pick one up right away. Children are the best at this and it just goes to show you how our limiting beliefs start to affect us and make us second guess ourselves as we age. Children have little to no energy blocks and they always have no issue picking what crystal speaks to them right away. We tend to overthink things as adults and with crystal healing there's a whole lot of intuition, gut feeling and big magic (thanks, Liz Gilbert). Each person (and crystal) is a special individual with a unique purpose. Two recommended ways to choose your crystals would be 1. by intuition as mentioned above: go to a crystal shop or browse my shop online and see what you're naturally drawn to- that's a great way to start. The 2nd recommendation would be to pick a crystal that relates to the chakra you feel might be blocked and see what crystal is best for healing that energy center and the subsequent negative symptoms.

How to cleanse your crystals

Just like we do, crystals love to feel clean, re-energized and renewed to do the best job they can. Think of how we feel after focusing on self love and self care- you feel like your battery is fully charged and you have more to offer to the world around you. Crystals need their 'batteries' to be charged up correctly to be effective just like we do. Imagine an air filter if you would- filters are clean when we first put them in and as time goes by, they collect dirt, bacteria and allergens and come day 30 they need to be changed out again. Crystals function the same way! As we use them day after day, they need to be cleansed regularly to keep doing their best job and to get rid of all the negative energy they've collected. What are some ways to cleanse your crystals? There's several ways and with time you might find your own favorite method or that some crystals do better being cleansed one way over another. One of my favorite ways is cleansing with White Sage- you open a door or window in your space to let the bad energy leave, burn the tip of the White Sage (I sell White Sage Smudge Sticks in my shop to make this easy) and let the smoke begin to envelop the crystal while saying some positive intentions out loud to make your purpose for healing known. Using the sun, full moon, ground, salt, water and sound healing are some more ways you can experiment with when cleansing crystals as well.

How to use crystals in your daily life

Once you start learning about crystals, it's hard to stop. Especially when you start having positive experiences and see good things come from using these wonderful gifts from the earth. Wearing healing crystals in jewelry form, carrying them in a small bag on your person, keeping them around your home or storing some in you car are all great ways to have more positive energy around you at all times. One amazing way you can use crystals in your daily life is using Black Tourmaline, a root chakra stone, to ward off EMF waves from electronics like our phones, laptops and TV's which can negatively affect us. Black Tourmaline also grounds us and helps us transmute negative energies- it's one of my all time favorites. I'm sure you've probably heard of healing Amber necklaces for infants and toddlers? Genuine, high grade Amber naturally releases healing oils that fight off inflammation, pain and general crankiness (adults love it too)! I could go on and on.. and I will at our upcoming DIY Healing Bracelets workshop this Wednesday evening, April 4th at Pachyderm Music Lab! Every person will leave with 2 new healing bracelets they put together themselves, a new free crystal and 1 lucky person will win the raffle prize of a healing crystal set worth $50! This will be an evening of fun, healing, learning and evolving and I'm honored to join you on this journey. You can still sign up (hurry!) at www.pachydermmusiclab.com to join us. I hope to see you there and share some good energy with you!

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Happy Holidays, Flowerchildren!

Posted by Emily French on December 15, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and happy holidays, my sweet friends!!!

It has been a WHIRLWIND of a year for Emmy Eff Designs and myself! I always feel like the present year flies by even faster than the previous year. December is such a time for reflection: how did our year go? what would we do differently in the coming year? how have our goals evolved? During my stolen moments during the busy holiday order time, I have definitely been reflecting on these questions. 2016 was a busy year- I had the most shows I've ever had in a single year to date and each show was more successful than its predecessor. I further dove into continuing education, bettering my skills and sharpening my designs. I also have been pouring time and work into this main website here and making this the main "hub".

If you haven't already, be sure to register as a site member to receive special emails, promotions and other exciting news exclusive to members only. The other place to be is the Emmy Eff Designs Exclusives private Facebook group and I have LOVED the fun and interaction we've enjoyed so far! I post sneek peaks, first dibs on new pieces, special promotions and more JUST for my exclusives- come join us! :)

I am beginning to prep and plan for 2017's events and you DO NOT want to miss them! First up is Raleigh's Body Mind Spirit Expo February 25th & 26th. Next is Charlotte's SHIFT event March 24th & 25th, then I'll be hosting my FIRST ever Emmy Eff Designs home jewelry party April 29th at my home outside of Charlotte, NC! Be sure to keep up with my website and social media outlets to hear about all the other shows for the new year!

To end with, I get busy with custom orders but can never turn them down (most of the time! :)) so be sure to get your request in with advance time to spare. I love you all and hope you have the happiest holiday season!

SEE YOU IN 2017!!! xoxo Emily

Annnnnd we're back!

Posted by Emily French on July 28, 2016 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

WOW! So the website has been on a bit of a hiatus for most of 2016 and now it's finally back and better than ever! 2016 has been full of amazing Emmy Eff Designs shows from Charlotte, NC to Virginia Beach, VA, new photoshoots, exciting publicity and a very busy shop (photos below!)- I couldn't be happier! I also have been on my own personal adventure with my husband here in Charlotte, NC as we built and now prepare to move into our new home here- taking roots in our beloved city of Charlotte and officially becoming a home owner! (feels so grown up :-p)

With all these new changes, it has certainly been busy- but such a GREAT busy! Now www.EmmyEffDesigns.com is back in action and will be even more interactive and busier than ever- I am making the slow and steady transition of moving all items from my Etsy shop over to the website and while that's happening both shops remain open- enabling you to order from both of them. :) You can also register to become a site member on the home page to receive exclusive news, alerts and the favorite: promotions and coupon codes ONLY valid for members! Be sure to also join the closed Facebook group, Emmy Eff Designs Exclusives, to get access to even more behind the scenes info, first shots of new pieces and special promotions. You can get connected to ALL of Emmy Eff Designs social media pages via the home page! [top 2 photos below by the talented Mark Boles Photography!]


Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Posted by Emily French on October 9, 2015 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)


I can't believe how fast time flies.. and how ridiculously slow I am at updating this blog. What HASN'T happend since my last post? I have evolved gratefully into integrating more and more intricate jewelry design techniques such as metal-smithing and I have been challenging myself daily with continuing self education and handling a thriving made to order piece based design business all at once. I am truly SO thankful for each and every kind word, thought, sale, encounter and smile that I have received throughout the life of Emmy Eff Designs. I am more motivated than ever to pour even more of myself into living my dream, I wake up every day in complete bliss just truckin' through the busy workday :)

The best part of this year by far has been marrying the love of my life, Andy, and going on the most fantastic honeymoon I could ever imagine around the carribean-- planning a wedding and honeymoon (and paying for it) was definitely the most anxious and stressful time of my life, and might have had something to do with a lack of blog posts here.. ;) but I decided early on to fully immerse myself into every little bridal detail because we all know these special moments in life are gone before we know it. And now it is.. I suppose it was pretty funny for me to think we could sit back and relax for a while, we now have another unexpected little move within Charlotte! All in good things though, we both manifested being in an area more suited to us and our artsy-city loving vibes and we know this is exactly what our hearts our yearning for, a slight change of environment!

The holidays are coming (YAY!) and that means it will be prime crazy santa's workshop status up in here and I'm ready for it! Last year I requested for customers to have all Christmas orders that need delivery by the 25th in BY THE 1ST OF DEC and I really appreciate everyone making it less hectic on me and planning ahead. I will keep this same policy for this year so it's certainly not too early to get custom requests in, including metal-smithing projects! 

I will also start having more and more exclusive pieces ONLY available on this Emmy Eff Designs shop- I love Etsy but I also love standing on my own two feet and hope to continue growing in that direction, I am thankful for your support-- please share the news that this webshop will only carry more and more that my Etsy shop will not have-- it'll be the way to go! Be sure to check out all the new stuff added, there's always awesome new items every single week!

Thank you again for all your love, it keeps me going- I can't spread the love enough, so looks like I still have work ahead of me :)

Blessings to all,


Summertime & the Livin's Easy

Posted by Emily French on July 30, 2014 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Ohmygoodness I feel like summer will be gone if I blink one more time!

I have had so much fun this summer traveling, desiging and just loving life. I am continually grateful for everything and everyone that is a part of my journey every day, truly. I have been crazy busy with orders from my online shop- my main one is still www.emmyeffdesigns.etsy.com because this web shop does not have the capacity and "little things" that make being a shop owner on etsy much easier. I hope to one day have a independant web shop, but honestly etsy is so wonderful I ponder to just make it my happily ever after :P I have really enjoyed more custom orders lately as well, they are certainly my favorite because I can really flow my creative energy into a piece thats something new and different from the regular made to order pieces I do more often. 

I also am in the process of adding a "business friends" type page to this website to promote all of the other hard working, small businesses I have done promoting with. I talk about them all the time on my Instagram, (follow me @emmyefdesigns) but now I want to have a place to always have access to all of them and share them with all you great folks! Be sure to look for more and more on this soon! As always, if your reading this and think we could do business together, we probably can! I am always up for supporting and promoting holistic, smart, small companies- be sure to email me at [email protected] 

I had the great opportunity to do some fun pictures with my friend Amanda, (find her on Facebook and Instagram: whimsyphotographybyamanda) and we had a blast; and got some great shots in the process. I always have so much updating to do, so be sure to always keep up with new pictures in my portfolio, and the blog too! I am so happy to just be able to keep designing and learning, growing and having all these great moments- I have a few vendor apps floating around out there for more local shows so I'll be sure to announce those when I know as well!

I could keep going but I have many orders to send out and busy work to be done! Loving every minute of it and all of YOU!

Bring it on, 2014!

Posted by Emily French on December 28, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Every time I look at my past blog entries and I see how much time has passed, I'm amazed. I feel like it was just yesterday I opened my Etsy shop, built my website and started particpating in local shows. Even since my last blog entry SO much has happened! Check it out:

So, a big burden on my heart has been saving up the money to take my passion to the next level and enroll in some classes at NC state this upcoming year. Well, Lord willing, I had enough money and a little..( well, a lot of help from the boyfriend) and will be taking a full day workshop in Silver Smithing and two 6 week courses in Metal Working and Gem Faceting beginning late January. I am beyond thrilled and cannot wait to continue bettering my skills.

I also sold enough tickets (thanks to you!) to participate in RAW's (RAWartists.org/emmyeffdesigns.com) biggest show of year - the Semi Finals show on December 5th as a Director's highlight, which is a great honor and I am humbled deeply. I had a great time connecting with everyone as always and am looking forward to my next show with RAW as a 2nd year arist in 2014!

Which brings me to my next show: RAW's AWAKENING on February 6th at Lincoln Theatre! My first show of 2014 will feature some great new and never before seen pieces. Make sure you mark your calendar and get your tickets before the prices go up!

In one of my first blog posts, I talked about my necklace that donates $5 of each sale to the Autism Society- The Autism Awareness Seaglass Necklace. Well, they are still selling strong and I was able to make a recent big donation thanks to all of you. Check out the adorable new styles in Oval Lilac, Turquoise, Blue and Green as well as the old favorite free form shaped green and blue seaglass.

I was also able to make a donation to the ASPCA thanks to all of you who have supported animals around the US by buying a Man's Best Friend necklace which donates $5 of each sale to the ASPCA. Please continue to spread the word on these items! 

Lastly- make sure you head to the shop to check out my big end of year SALE! To make it sweeter, all shoppers who purchase anything (no minimum!) through 12/31 will be entered to win a $25 Emmy Eff gift card! Happy Shopping!

I have had such a great time on this journey of self discovery in 2013- I have been able to learn so much about myself, my creativity, connect to so many amazing people, have great experiences- I have so much faith that God will continue to use me and my passion to make a difference in the lives of others, my community and myself. Here's to prosperous New Year for Emmy Eff Designs and all of YOU too!