Emmy Eff Designs

Long Live the Flower Child!


Emmy Eff Designs is a haven for hand crafted jewelry designs, original paintings, healing crystals, bohemian d├ęcor and more. I LOVE custom work and aligning directly with my customer to make the design of their dreams. Custom work requests for jewelry designs, customized healing sets, bridal orders and flower crowns/hair accessories and more are currently open.

I specialize in many mediums revolving around high quality minerals and materials such as intricate wire wrapping with pure copper, sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire, beading, mala making, metal-smithing and polymer clay to name a few. I am always learning, growing and introducing new and old methods of my evolving education of jewelry design. I enjoy integrating my growing knowledge of minerals and my designs as my journey continues. 

I spread the message of love through my creations and put my whole heart and soul into each piece I make and send out to the world. I hope when you look at your original creation, it reminds you of how unique and beautiful each one of us are and what one soul can do; we all have the power to help others, encourage and inspire each other and the world around us!

Be sure to get further involved by joining as a member on the site and the private Emmy Eff Designs Exclusive Facebook. Always feel free to contact me about custom work, something you see that's not in the shop or boutique/business inquiries.

Namaste, God bless and many blessings to you and yours,